WV Gazette-Mail OP-ED: Democrats are a danger to the Constitution
October 06, 2020
By: Congressman Alex Mooney

Every election cycle, we hear candidates claim this is the most important election in the history of our country — this year that claim is true. Americans face a stark choice.

On one side are Republicans, who believe in personal responsibility, free markets and law and order. On the other side, the modern-day Democratic Party has been hijacked by socialists who want the federal government to dictate everything from the health care you receive to the car you drive.

The Democratic Party has never been more radical, and today, it is the party of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Democrats are not even trying to hide their plan for transforming America into a socialist nation.

If Democrats are able to win the presidency, House and Senate, there are a number of extreme measures they will enact. The first would be eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, which currently requires 60 votes to bring a bill up for a final up-or-down vote. With the elimination of the filibuster, Democrats can ram through massive tax increases, uncontrolled spending and government-run health care.

The Democratic Party platform calls for the end of carbon-based emissions, which would mean the end of coal and natural gas industries in West Virginia. Not only do these industries employ Mountaineers, they also power the nation and are part of what has made America energy independent. It’s important that we continue the energy policies that have made America a net exporter of energy, power our communities and provide tax revenue for our state.

I am proud to have worked with the Trump administration to eliminate Obama-era regulations, such as the Stream Protection Rule, which hurt coal and many other industries in West Virginia.

President Donald Trump has added over 200 conservative judges, as well as U.S. Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. I’m glad President Trump has now nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. She is a strong conservative woman who is guided by her family values, her love of country and her respect for our Constitution.


As your congressman, I will continue to work to enact positive change. We need to continue to help West Virginians get back to work. That’s why I voted for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, which provided relief for small businesses and funding for increased research, prevention and testing. Included in the CARES Act was the Paycheck Protection Program, which helped keep small businesses viable amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Because of this legislation, more than 18,000 loans have been issued to small businesses in West Virginia that were forced to close by government decree. I’m focused on saving jobs and investing in West Virginia so that we can come back stronger than before.

I’m working hard to increase access to health care and reducing what older West Virginians pay for health care. I’ve fought for historic investments to strengthen the quality of rural health care. This includes $1.63 billion to expand West Virginia community health centers and $10 billion for rural hospitals.

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the importance of telehealth services. Our elderly citizens should still be able to access routine care. That’s why I cosponsored the Emergency COVID Telehealth Response Act, which would improve access to health care services. I was proud to vote for the VA MISSION Act, which improves the Choice Program so that veterans have expanded access to the community health facilities that best fit their individual needs.

In Congress, I’m working on expanding broadband internet to rural communities, including building more than 400 miles of fiber-optic high-speed internet in rural West Virginia. I’m also proud to cosponsor the Broadband Data Improvement Act, which would improve the quality of broadband data in West Virginia.

I’ve helped secure millions of dollars in grants from federal agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture and the Appalachian Regional Commission, to expand broadband in West Virginia.

I stand proudly with President Trump. I ask for your vote to preserve our West Virginia way of life.

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