Alex standing between two vandalized large signs.
The Left is Attacking Me.
August 14, 2020
By: Congressman Alex Mooney

I was recently notified that two of our large campaign signs were vandalized by far-left Radicals.

What upsets me most is the far-left believes free speech and freedom of expression is limited to liberals.

We need to show the Far-left that every American has the freedom to express their views without being harassed. We need to show them that violence and vandalism is never the answer.

I need your help to show them we won’t be silenced. Can you help me stand up to their attacks?

Censorship and cancel culture has no place in American life. With your help, I can send a message that we won’t back down from protecting our values.

The stronger our voices are, the clearer our message will be: Conservative values will not be cancelled.

Donate to Protect our Freedom of Speech.

Thank you for your continued support.